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Brief History

In 1963, The Municipal Government constructed the water supply system of Sipalay. The system facilities included the Pangatian Spring source located at Brgy. Mambaroto, 2 km of 100mm CI and GI transmission pipelines, distribution network consisting of 50mm GI and PVC pipes and systems appurtenances. In 1994, Bunganbungan Spring source situated also at Brgy. Mambaroto, about 3.0 km from the service area with discharge capacity of 9 and 3 lps respectively during wet seasons. During summer or dry season the farmers utilized the Bungan-bungan spring for irrigation of their farmlands that result to reduce the discharge capacity of water supply.

In 1971, a 300 cu.m. concrete ground reservoir was constructed in Brgy. Mambaroto about 2.0 km from Poblacion.

In July 1982, Sipalay Water District (SWD) was formed giving it jurisdiction over the water supply system of the municipality. The Sipalay Water District was formed by virtue of Res. No. 46, Series of 1982 of the Sangguniang Bayan of Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Whereas the Conditional Certificate of Conformance No. 252 was issued by LWUA  on October 7, 1983, sanctioning the operation of the Sipalay Water District with five (5) members of the Board of Directors who subsequently appointed a General Manager pursuant to PD 198, as amended.

In September 3, 2001 Mr. Emmanuel B. Malicdem, Deputy Administrator for operations of LWUA had sent a technical personnel to assess/evaluate and recommend rehabilitation and other measures to upgrade the facilities and systems also recommended for the reconstitution of the Board of Directors of SWD by appointing five (5) sectoral representatives.

Efforts have been made to come up with cost-effect and technically sound recommendations for the proposed water supply project in Sipalay City. Towards this objective, this study considers the most economical scheme from source development to water distribution.

On September 11, 2002, the City Development Council (CDC) thru its CDC Res. No. 02-03, s-2002 endorsed the Proposal for Sipalay Water District under LWUA’s Small Towns Water Supply System Project for ADB funding.

The said request of the City of Sipalay was considered by the Executive Committee that was justifiable and supportive of the priority development plans of the City and Province thru Res. No 30 series of 2002.

On December 2002 thru RDC VI Res. No. 57 s-2002 a resolution endorsing the proposed water supply system of Sipalay Water District for funding under small towns water supply system project of LWUA with the proposed project cost amounting to P16.6 million needed to provide safe and potable water for the residents of Sipalay City particularly in Brgy 1,2,3,5 Mambaroto, Gil Montilla and Nauhang.


The Sipalay Water District envisions itself to be the premiere water utility in the province commited to provide quality, sufficient and affordable water supply through an honest and efficient service.


To promote better quality of life by providing adequate, safe and potable water in the community.

To properly develop and manage water source and help the preservation of the environment

Performance Pledge

Striving for excellent output

Work hard to satisfy concessionaire’s needs

D edication and commitment to provide quality service

All these we pledge because we are here to serve you our best!